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How much does it cost to change locks?

There can be a lot of confusion with the cost to change locks on your house. You might not know how a locksmith cost is calculated or precisely what you’re being charged for. To trust your locksmith, it’s crucial to understand what goes into their pricing.

If you’re one of the million households that move to a new property every year, you’ll be looking at the cost to change locks on your house. At the York Locksmith Company, we believe that our prices should be honest and transparent – that’s why we’ve put together this guide of what goes into the final price.

What factors go into the locksmith cost?

Various factors go into the locksmith cost. Let’s take a look at how we calculate the cost of a locksmith to change your locks in different circumstances.

1. Time of callout

You can’t plan when you might have an emergency, so a good locksmith will be available 24 hours a day. On the other hand, some jobs, such as changing the locks on a new house, can be planned during regular working hours.

For this reason, our callout prices are published on our website. These rates are for callout only – the total bill will also include any parts needed. As a general rule, locksmith prices for callouts during standard working hours will be lower, while you’ll pay a bit extra for jobs done out of work hours, on weekends, or on bank holidays.

2. The job’s location

The location of the job makes a difference to your cost. This can be high level, such as a job in London generally costing more than a locksmith in York, or it can depend on other things – like how rural your location is, or if there is a long journey to the job. If you’re looking to keep costs down, it’s always best to choose a local locksmith.

3. How long the job takes

When getting quotes for a job, you should check if it’s a fixed price or charged by the hour. For most jobs, it’s usual to charge per hour – that way, you only pay for the time it takes to complete.  As such, your cost to change locks will typically include an initial callout fee, plus a smaller extra fee per hour spent on the job.

4. The type of lock

There are many types of door locks. Some are quite cheap, such as budget euro cylinder locks that can cost up to £20. These might not be insurance approved door locks, so be careful. Others can cost up to £50, like anti-snap locks that conform to industry standards (such as BS3621).

As with most things, you’ll pay more for recognised brands or stronger locks. It’s worth checking which kind of locks you have – surprisingly, even some new build house locks don’t meet industry standards! The extra price for a more robust lock is worth it – you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

5. The type of job

Locksmiths carry out many types of jobs, mostly installing new locks after moving house, or when new tenants move in. More unexpected jobs, such as house or car lockouts, or keys breaking in locks, can cost a little more depending on how complicated they are. This should be clearly explained when sending the quote.

A locksmith you can trust

Now that you know what goes into a locksmith’s price, you’ll understand how the final cost to change locks is calculated. Get in touch with the York Locksmith Company to discuss your locksmith job.

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