New house checklist

New house checklist

Moving house can be exciting and stressful, but with a new house checklist, you can sort the essentials. We move up to eight times during our lifetimes, so a “moving into a new house” checklist can make things easier.

If you haven’t moved for a long time, or you’re buying your first house, some key things might skip your mind. At the York Locksmith Company, we can help tick off some of the must-dos with these simple steps.

Things to do before moving into a new house

A tiny bit of life admin can make all the difference.

1. Take meter readings

Your energy company will need your final readings, and this is best done just before you move out. Take a quick photo of your electricity, gas and water meters.

2. Update insurance providers

Use the last days in your old house to update your insurance details, from contents insurance to building insurance.

3. Tell financial institutions

Stay ahead of the game by letting your bank and credit card companies know your change of address before you move.

4. Set up services

Start the process of moving your internet connection ahead of time. Likewise, having your TV service and licence updated before moving into your new house means you relax and enjoy your new home quicker.

5. Plan moving day

Make sure the big day goes smoothly by double-checking when the removals company will arrive, and when you’ll meet the estate agent.

Things to do while moving into a new house

Put the boxes down for a moment and get your bearings with these top priorities.

1. Take meter readings

As well as taking pictures of the gas, electricity and water meters before you go, do the same at your new house – ticking these off your new house checklist will save you hassle in the long run.

2. Household essentials

Set some basics aside and carry them with you to your new house, rather than giving them to the removals company. By making a new house checklist of essentials – loo roll, tea towels and basic kitchen items – you can make sure everything you really need is at hand. 

3. Check essential installations

Locate essential installations like the stopcock, smoke alarms and fuse box, and make sure you’re familiar with how they all work.

4. Create a rest space

Moving is inevitably tiring, so pace yourself and create a little space in your new house for sit-downs and cuppas, to refresh yourself for the next steps.

Things to do after moving into a new house

Make your move complete with these essential steps.

1. Change the locks on your new house

Getting locks changed is an absolute must-do when moving into a new house. Whether your new house has out-of-date locks, or if opportunistic thieves notice you moving your valuables in, changing locks straight away is always a smart investment.

The York Locksmith Company can provide quick, stress-free, affordable new locks and keys for your new house.

2. Update your address

Lots of essential documents will have your old address on them. Updating your address on your driving licence, the electoral roll, HMRC and the council can save much stress. If in doubt, cover your bases by signing up for a redirection service.

3. Tell new insurance provider

Make sure your new home and valuables are covered – if you have a new insurance provider, check in, and make sure they have your details.

The keys to victory

A new house checklist can make your move efficient and easy. Tick off one of the essentials by getting in touch with the York Locksmith Company to make your new house complete.

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