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House broken into? Here’s what to do.

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is coming home to find the house broken into. There will be several questions on your mind: what do I do now? How did they get in? Will a burglar come back?

With around 30 burglaries per hour in the UK, these questions are sadly common. If you’ve come home to find your home broken into and valuables taken, you should follow a few steps: Find out how they got in, contact the relevant authorities, and take steps to prevent home invasions in the future.

What to do after a break-in

If you’ve arrived home and found that you’ve had your house broken into, try to remain calm and:

  1. Don’t touch anything: Of course, you’ll want to check for missing items and possibly even clean up. While it’s hard to remain calm, remember the long-term goals. By leaving the scene as it is, you’ll give yourself the best chance of a successful police report and insurance claim. Remain outside until help has arrived.
  2. Call the police: Depending on the severity of the break-in – and if you suspect burglars are still present – you should contact the police. The dispatcher will begin your case and could send police officers. If you have security cameras, these may provide vital evidence.
  3. Check your items: Once the initial reports have been handled, you can check for missing items. Look for high-value items like laptops, televisions, car keys and credit cards that could form a large part of your case. Contact your insurance company to begin your insurance claim. Call providers and inform them of any stolen items like bank cards and mobile phones.

How do I secure my home after my house is broken into?

Once you’ve informed authorities, you’ll want to make your home as secure as possible. Follow these home security tips to prevent further incidents.

Secure your entry points

Whether the burglars got in through your front door, back door or garage door, you’ll need to change your door locks. Speak to a trusted locksmith to ensure high-quality locks, and consider further crime prevention steps like a deadbolt. You should also consider changing locks on lower floor windows or any accessible entry point.

Install a home alarm system

Avoiding break-ins is all about making the burglar’s job as hard as possible. High-quality door locks are a first line of defence. A home alarm system is another deterrent you should consider. Install a burglar alarm to alert authorities should a burglar get in.

Consider a home security system

In specific cases, an alarm might not be enough. You could consider installing a full home security system, including:

  • CCTV on all points of entry
  • Video doorbells
  • Motion sensors
  • Security lighting

These will help deter and fight against any potential intruders.

Will a burglar come back?

Home burglaries tend to happen at properties that encourage burglars or make their lives easy. If a house has been targeted once, it’s not uncommon for a burglar to come back – especially if nothing has changed. By focussing on things like high-quality locks, alarm systems and other deterrents, you can lower the risk of future incidents.

Make your home a safe place

If you’ve suffered a burglary, try to stay as calm as possible. There are several essential steps that will help you stay safe and limit the damage.

Once you’ve filed your reports, contact a trusted locksmith to install high-quality door locks. To beat the crooks in future, you have to make their lives difficult. Get in touch today to see how we can help protect your home.

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